The post Oktoberfest weekend was a letdown of sorts.  I spent the day digging holes in the mud and finding out the ass mongrel that owned the house before me successfully hid another cob job.  The drain outside my backdoor floods the basement so I decided to dig it up and try and fix it.  He said he had connected it to the sewer…and by sewer he must have meant 2 feet inside the retaining wall.  The drain stopped against a buried 3 foot wall, and that is why we flood.   In the process of repairing I learned: you can easily bend a saber saw blade on PVC; I can put a flat head bit through my finger tip; and that Dexter is a fucking amazing show.

      OK so learning about Dexter was more of a “after project” realization, but all the same  I love that show.  It’s on HBO and if you haven’t seen it, I recommend it.   Dexter is a blood spatter expert with Miami PD…and a serial killer, killer.   He kills the criminals that the cops don’t catch.  Pretty sweet, but his inner monologue is the best part of the show.

     I run about a 9 minute mile right now, and I need to be down to around an 8 minute mile in 4 weeks.  I am embarking on a 4 week plan of:

  • Monday: Time trial (run as fast as I can for the mile and a half to see my time)
  • Tuesday: Swim interval laps
  • Wednesday: Run intervals
  • Thursday: Bike
  • Friday: Run intervals
  • Saturday and Sunday – Vomit for two days straight…

      I am training for something, and I haven’t made it 100% public yet but I hope to meet my goal so I can make it totally public.   In interest of my need to ramble today I have decided I hate my job with a major passion.  There is 1 person here I like talking to and that is it.  I feel unaccomplished.  Like I am doing nothing good with my career, not making a difference and all that jazz. 

      A needed change is on the horizon and I am, for once, in complete control of the situation…Good feeling.