I spent the day working my part time job in the morning and going to Oktoberfest in Downtown Albany.   They closed off a few blocks and my inner German comes out…without the tiny little mustache and very angry screaming.  I am almost totally Irish, but today I enjoyed my tiny bit of German heritage with Liters of beer but my Irish heritage was celebrated by the pub across the street…Got a good picture of the American, Irish and German flag flying proudly downtown… 

Me: Oktoberfest. Meg: Franzikaner


All of me under one small sky

They had some cool shit coupled with people who most likely do not look in the mirror before they leave the house…I passed so many comments about one girl that a woman overheard me and punched me in the arm for being mean.  Then we had a drink together and laughed about her ridiculous boots and Gold Satchel.   They had a lot to do as I had said: A unicycle riding  fire juggler(not sure just HOW ethnically accurate that is), Betty’s Cupcake Double Decker bus (the 2nd floor was all seating to eat) and wiener dog races


Those shoes are the hot shit in this picture



Guinness. Fucking, Cupcakes.

 The two people in this picture were very unhappy with me…apparently yelling “GO WIENERDOG!!!” in their ear is somehow rude and frowned upon in their establishment.  The guy was a dick…he was like 30 but it looked like time raped his face and took from it all that was young.  His female friend was such a bitch too.  Asked me why the fuck I was taking pictures.  I basically said it was for the local paper and she bought it.  Stupid bitch…yep all serious reporters snap Pulitzer winners with their 3 year old Blackberry…retard.   All in all the races are cute but I know what it’s like to have to run on such stubby legs.   Fuckers made it look easy.

I feel their pain