I was bouncing ideas for blog entries when I jokingly said she hated me…well maybe she doesn’t really HATE my guts per say, but there are many an occasion where I get that look.  The look that says: how did I agree to a lifetime with you?  There are days where that death-til-us-part option must seem like a legit way out. 

Me: “I think I a going to write about the many reasons you hate my guts.”

Meg: “I don’t hate your guts, bubba.”

Me: “…but you told me I would be the first to die in a Zombie Apocalypse.”

Meg: “I don’t hate you.  I just want you to realize your weaknesses in Zombie fighting.  I want you to know before you have the chance to die.”

Me: ” {total WTF face} …”

      This gave me the basis to start thinking about all the other shit she says to me that makes me believe she married me due to her poor eyesight and bad judgment and stayed for lack of better option.

  •   “I love you…I just don’t like you right now”
  • “Are you fucking serious right now?”
  • “If I’ve told you once….”
  • “Your family can’t come over any more this week”
  • “You have to stop being so negative”
  • “GOD! You are a fucking idiot!”
  • “The way you drive makes me sick.”